Just announced: Manchester Workshops

It’s been quiet around here as I’ve worked through a very busy wedding season but I have two bits of good news.  Firstly, with the end of my 2018 wedding season in sight, I have lots of content lined up to post here over the coming weeks and months including full lighting breakdowns and “how tos” on about two dozen of my favourite flash-lit photographs.  From single flash shots with little to no setup, to images that used 5 or 6 flashes and took 30-45 minutes to set up – those posts will start to go live, week by week, in the next few days.

Even better news, though, is that I’ve just announced two one-day back-to-back workshops in Manchester, England on Monday February 11th and Tuesday Feburary 12th, 2019.  This comes on the back of a very well-received presentation I gave on my night portraits at the recent NineDots Gathering in London.  Both days are different, but they complement each other, and attending both days also gives you access to a bonus evening session which will be a bit more free form but touch on editing, workflow and allow you to dig deeper into the struggles you’ve had with flash photography in the past.  The sessions can be booked individually as a 1-day ticket, or can be booked together as a 2-day ticket, which offers the best value.

The venue in Manchester is easy to get to (as, indeed, is Manchester itself), and presents loads of photographic opportunities, so if you want to join me there for two full-on hands-on interactive days where you do most of the shooting, then head over to the new Workshops page and you can book yourself on the workshops.  But I expect they are going to fill quickly, so don’t delay.

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